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The Late Payment calculator app is a free download for Android and iPhone users provided by Safe Collections, a leading UK & International debt collection and credit control company.  The late payment app is provided free of charge to all businesses as part of our effort to encourage prompt payment by UK companies.

Simple. Easy to use

The Late Payment calculator features a simple, user friendly interface that makes calculating the costs and interest a breeze.  Enter the invoice value, day it became overdue and voilà, our free app gives you a complete breakdown of both the fixed costs and interest payable on any unpaid invoice.

Safe. Secure and anonymous.

We know that financial data is some of the most precious in any business, that is why we designed the Late Payment iCalc to be completely secure from the ground up. No names or registration need be provided and no data is retained.

Available on Android, Blackberry & iOS

The Safe Collections Late Payment iCalc is free to download on all major mobile operating systems.  Simply search for “Late Payment” on your device store or use the links below to go direct.

Google Play





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